Success Story: Hofmann Arthritis Institute

Having been with Hofmann Arthritis Institute (HAI) for 8 years, practice and finance manager Alisa Mebius has witnessed a lot of changes and growth in the organization.

“What started as a single specialty practice location with one provider has grown to three locations with multiple physicians and mid-level providers,” she says. “The challenge with growth, of course, is how to maintain the level of quality care you pride yourself on while maintaining consistent cash flow through it all. Alta Medical Management has helped us do that.”

Adjusting and growing with emerging needs

From the first day HAI opened its doors in 2010, Alta was on hand to establish billing practices and procedures. As the practice grew—and grew—it became clear that they were outgrowing the original billing and revenue management system.

Mebius recalls, “As we neared a critical juncture in our growth, Alta worked with us to adjust our billing practices and systems so that the solution worked for how we wanted to operate in the future. It was pretty much a complete overhaul to the existing approach, and they delivered. They listened to what we wanted in the way of customer experience and implemented some pretty big changes. The entire system is now tailored completely to our needs and works beautifully. Our owner and providers are happy and, more importantly, patients are happy.”

Always vigilant, always educating

Staying on top of billing and receivables is tough enough with just one practice, but when you add two more locations to the mix, it can get out of hand quickly. But thanks to working with Alta, Mebius has no concerns.

“The Alta team does a really great job of monitoring our cash flow and alerting us to any activity that looks a little out of the ordinary,” says Mebius. “Just recently our owner went out of town for a month and, of course, billings dipped. It was barely Day One of being able to recognize the change and we got a call from our rep asking us what was going on. In this case, there was an easy explanation but there have been other instances— like when our superbills got dropped to a new location— where that kind of vigilance has proven invaluable.”

In addition to the “out of the ordinary,” Alta keeps a close eye on the very ordinary. “We actually share a spreadsheet with our Alta Client Revenue Manager,” says Mebius. “Every month we do a line-by-line reconciling making sure what Alta’s received matches what the bank received, and everything is matched to the correct account. It keeps us on track and saves us from having to untangle any misses before they get complicated.”

Mebius also appreciates how Alta helps the practice stay on top of industry changes. “They regularly add payors to our mix, alert us to Medicare pricing changes, notify us of changes to reimbursement payments, and things of that nature. It not only helps us gain the most revenue possible but instills a lot of confidence that we’ve got a partner who is as invested in our success as we are.

  • Challenge

    Maintaining consistent, predictable cash-flow while taking care of patients during a period of rapid expansion

  • Alta Impact

    • Delivery of the promised patient experience
    • Minimized denied claims
    • Accelerated cash flow

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