Alta is looking for proactive, talented people who share our passion for providing medical billing services at the highest calibre for our clients. We want to continue to expand our growing workforce with creative professionals who can add value and originality to our teams. Employees need to be dedicated to providing top-quality services and have the ability to develop a wide understanding of key billing issues and what Alta does to resolve them.

We want employees who are:
  • Positive about new responsibilities and opportunities
  • Professional team players that want to achieve the best results possible
  • Committed to expanding their understanding of our customer’s needs
  • Passionate about providing excellent customer service.

Alta employees tend to stick with us for the long term – a testament to our employment practices and opportunities for development. We are committed to developing talent – and encourage our employees to take on challenges, grow their knowledge and their input to the business.

Current Openings

Here are our current job openings.
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