Out with the Old, In with the New!

Out with the Old, In with the New!

We listened. We challenged. We changed. We are pleased to introduce The All-New Alta!
2020 was a year of challenge and introspection for many businesses. At Alta, we took a deep look at our operations and service to our customers, listening to feedback and suggestions, and began adapting, changing, and reinventing ourselves to better serve the industry.

Better Service

Knowledge is power. And we are here to help. Tap into the power of years of experience, industry knowledge and end-end RCM solutions with our team of expert RCM professional. Here to serve you and the success of your business, Alta operates under the promise of delivering financial health solutions that meet the needs of each customer.  We provide the same level of utmost care that providers give to patients, because in truth, your patients are our patients too.

At Alta we acknowledge that every experience is different, and every customer will experience us differently through our promise of customization and care. We create collaborative, immersive partnerships for enhanced financial stability.

Better Brand

Alta is an industry-leading provider of not just end-to end revenue cycle management solutions, but an educator and resource to elevate the standards within the RCM industry.
Who else in the industry stands behind their brand, believes in their product offering so much as to offer a guarantee to produce the results you seek? Alta’s Guarantee provides peace of mind and an ability to “test the waters” with the brand, enabling customers visible results in their RCM solutions. In short, we invest in you, so you can invest in your patients.

Better Solutions

We reviewed what makes Alta a highly respected and trusted, industry-leading RCM solution, and adapted and improved our processes. We have implemented streamlined workflows, and improved end-to-end management services that allow our customers time to focus on what is most important in their business: Patient Care and Engagement. Our mission is to be a highly respected, trusted partner to manage revenue so providers can concentrate on what matters most. By providing customized solutions to fit our customers needs, our partners can choose what they need from our services, without all the things they do not.

At Alta, we are proud to say, “We can do it your way!”