Improving the financial health of your business, Guaranteed.

Improving the financial health of your business, Guaranteed.

Just imagine a company that is so invested in you that it guarantees your success.

Imagine the confidence, the trust, the experience & the expertise that will take you from uncertainty to guarantee.

Imagine where your business can go. And now imagine the company that will help you get there- because it believes in your results; they believe in you.

Welcome to the Alta Guarantee.  The big questions many practices face is “when is it time to embark on a new journey to improve the financial health of the business, and what company can help them accomplish this goal with reduced risk?”

Alta is a provider of end-end custom RCM management services, and as an agnostic service, the great news is – Alta can work with any system you have in place. No changing technologies. No relearning new systems. Knowing that, how does the Alta Guarantee work exactly?

In a nutshell, when new customers commit to a three-year, full-time service contract, Alta will perform a FREE RCM assessment.  Then based on the findings from that assessment, Alta will guarantee improvements to your revenue cycle in one ore more of the following areas:

  • Increase in Net Collections
  • Increase in Clean Claims percentage
  • Decrease in A/R Days Outstanding

This equates to more revenue returning to the practice without added cost of training new employees or taking existing employees away from the important aspect of the business: Your Patients.

At Alta we develop partnerships. Our organization is a partner who is just as invested in the success of your business as you are.

To learn more about the Alta Guarantee and how partnering with us can help improve your RCM business model, reach out to us today for a free consultation: TELL ME MORE